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5 Perfect Reads For Your Winter!

5 Perfect Reads For Your Winter!

A cozy blanket, a nice cup of coffee and the cool breeze with soft music. Does this paint a picture for the much awaited holiday season ? 

If you are one of those who just loves the vibe of winter as much as I do and want to curl up with a fine book, to hook you, to just take you on a journey of beautiful memories. Then stay calm and keep reading 😉

Here are my top 5 picks which I love and I am pretty sure you will love as well, so let’s get started:

Pride and Prejudice

I mean let’s be honest for a while, how a list of perfect reads for winter cannot be complete without a love story and perhaps one of the most beloved classic.

Here I present you Pride and Prejudice. So what are you waiting for if you haven’t read it, go ahead and read this?

And just in case you have read this book, then also you can re-read and relive the beauty of this love story.

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#januarybookride Book Prompt : Movie v/s Book What can be better than classic “Pride and Prejudice” Well I have to say I am culprit to not read this book though I started it, when I was in college. I remember clearly how I loved the way these scene were written and characters introduced. As for movie, yes I am big fan of the movie you must have seen in one of my story as well. To be honest I want to be the wife Mr. Darcy someday, well if possible ! Being a true booklover, I will say that books are way better than movie. I can back up my argument with the thought that book doesn’t end in three hours and it stays with you forever. So yes, I will read this classic soon and I am all for this book in compare to the movie. #booklover #bookreader #janeausten #prideandprejudice #bookworm #movie #book #love #life #instagood #instalove #instamood #life #lifestyle #prompt #classic #like #comment #follow

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The Wonderling

For those who are in that phase of life where they are feeling bit clueless and restricted and lost this book is the way to go people. You will love the Number 13 and his discovery of the life.

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#bookstagramsundays I just finished this book and I can’t express what I am feeling because I am no longer living in the world of Arthur and the part of me lives there, now. This book has such intricate details to make you believe the world of the Groundlings exist just like ours. I am so happy,that this is my second book for the year. I recommend everyone irrespective of age, do read this book and revive your childhood. Talking about my favorite character it has to be Trinket, to begin with she is bubbly and chirpy like me and I could relate to her enthusiastic nature but that doesn’t make Arthur any less favorite for me. I love both it’s just that I love Trinket more for the free soul she is. It’s tough to talk about the highs and lows, because I was living this story all along including the hardships faced by Arthur in The Home or in Lumemtown or Gloomintown. Had to say but Miss Carbunkle reminded me very much of Umbrigde from Harry Potter. I could draw parallels between the two, be it making rules, torturing Groundlings in this case,etc. the whole ensemble with wig and all pretty makes her mean and apt villiam for the story. To be honest, to get over this book hangover I would recommend to move on to Harry Potter series. PS: Better late than never ✨✨ #bibliophile #tbb #sundayvibes #bookstagram #bookhoarder #booklove #bookporn #read #2018 #inspirations #instagood #instamood #instalove #coverobsessed #coverlove #potterheads #BrunchBookChallenge #BrunchBookChallenge2018

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Women who run with The Wolves

For the feminist soul in me, here I present you a book, that you will re-read and perhaps keep by your bedside. I keep my feminist soul calm with this beautiful book written by Clarrisa.

If you are the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan then this book will tell you who will steal your wind and how? Just in case what this book talks about then it’s about how to trust your intuition and awaken your sixth sense without feeling inferior.

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When you decide it’s high time to finish this unfinished book. How often does it happens that you start a book with all enthusiasm and then keep book aside for no particular reason ? Let me know in comments below ! As for me this book is less than 100 pages read so I will consider it in my this year’s read. Since it’s a long one I need a small buddy to finish side by side, seems I am the un-loyal (if such a word exists) one 😛😛 PS: In case you are wondering about the glasses chain and pencil it’s from The Big Book Box ! #bibliophile #bookstagram #bookreader #booklover #booklove #epicreads #book #white #womenmustread #readerlife #bookblogger #instagood #instamood #instalove #love #life #comment

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Da Vinci Code

Thriller.Historical Facts. Amazing story. If you are someone who is seeking adventure then just go ahead with this one without any doubts.

Dan Brown has done full justice to the characters and story. You will experience the historical thrill and totally be hooked with Mr. Langdon’s world. Definitely, you will be aware of amazing facts that you can flaunt it among your friends. So brownie points for that !

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Mystery. Puzzles. Twist. Amnesia. What next ? These are the challenges, that Robert Langdon faces in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. This is my pick for #januarybookride with many plot twists. This was my first Dan Brown novel,which I read two years back. I was hooked till the very end and living the world of such details. The best part, it was fiction woven around historical facts, amazing plot. If you haven’t read, this one. Stop your weekend plans, take coffee and slip into comfy PJs and start reading. PS: Second read of the month about to finish stay tuned for The Wonderling #bookreview at #bookstagram Sunday !! #booklove #bibliophile #bookstagram #tbb #january #2018 #booklove #instagood #instamood #instalove #bookporn #coverlove #coverobssessed #bookhoarder #bookaddict #ireadya #readingisfundamental #readinglist

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Gone with Wind

If I begin the list of perfect reads with a classic then I have to end the list with another classic masterpiece.

Again one of the epic historical romance, with protagonist Scarlett o Hara. If you are looking for a long read then treat yourself  with this amazing  read. 

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