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5 Shows Every Girl In Her 20s Must Watch!

5 Shows Every Girl In Her 20s Must Watch!

20s are where you explore yet struggle. Body image issues, stress, anxiety and amid which you have your personal goals and ambitions. So, here are the perfect shows every girl in her 20s must watch!

As a girl in my 20’s I often found solace in all these character who not only entertain you but help us by being relatable AF. So Her I reveal the list of all those series and shows that will be relatable and yet manage to entertayin you.

So without any further a do. I reveal the perfect list of shows every girl in her 20s must watch!

New Girl

5 Shows Every Girl In Her 20s Must Watch(1)
Jess, New Girl

Whose that girl ? It’s Jess. Yes , welcome to the world and life of Jess. Adorable, Quirky Teacher who lands among three guy roommates because of heratbreak. Let’s be honest we all have been there, this is the story where she stands for her self with the help of her awesome roommates . Watch this series to have great laugh along with lessons how be yourself

Girl Boss

5 Shows Every Girl In Her 20s Must Watch(2)
Girl Boss

Badass, determined here is the story loosely based on the founder of vinatage gal Sophie Amruso . This story not only surprise you but also make you push your boundaries and give you a kickstart about your gaosl and ambitions.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

5 Shows Every Girl In Her 20s Must Watch(3)
Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

When life gives you lemons what you do ? you drink wine and land up in a club and do stand-up. Really? Well welcome to the world of Mrs Maisel the perfect wife and mother of two. She is just perfect for any guy but here her husabdn leaves then what happens next, wtach and enjoy her journey on becoming independent  and earning money with no striongs attached

Parks and Recreation

5 Shows Every Girl In Her 20s Must Watch(4)
Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

Amazing cast and comic timing , leslies knope steals the show with the her hardwork and detrmination to serve government and also,hse is role model for the upcoming  young women.


Kate and Castle, Castle

Tough women and detective too. Feminism rocks! She is an inspiration to many of us. Kate Beckett, a strong women with a past. Just enjoy the guts of Kate and the innocence of Castle.

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