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7 YouTube Videos You Must Watch To Get Perspective

7 YouTube Videos You Must Watch To Get Perspective

We all love YouTube, don’t we? So here is my compilation of 7 YouTube videos you must watch to get perspective. Go grab your drink and keep reading.

Just Breathe| Sejal Kumar

This video is just apt to describe how common it is to get caught up in our day to day routine and forget the basic of living. Taking a step back to think and work out things will not make you lose your position but rather prepare you for the long run.

Why boredom is the new busy? | Whack

Freishia not only provides a fresh take on boredom but also produces such an invoragting content which makes you question your life decsions and current flow of life. This video for sure will amke you think and give the much needed perspective you need.

Let’s Dance | Aditi Rao Hydari | Blush

Stuck up in past ? Not able to live present? Then what are you waiting for just watch the damn video and forget even reading but this is not enough to convince you, then also just watch it for the Aditi Rao Hydari and her dance, because I don’t wanna say anything about the content * lip sealed*

How to survive a bad day? | Kalyn Nicholson

One of my favourite Youtuber presents you the most real and honest view about how to survive a bad day and how perspective is much needed thing in times like these.

She vlogs her entire day and the challenges she faces during and even breaks down to reach the clear sky!

If you do this then……. you’ll be happy | Pick Up Limes

One of the sweetest Youtuber Sadia presents here take on how we often try to objectify our happiness and makes it dependent on materialistic things. How we keep on struggling with if and then questions for our happiness.

How to be Happy ? | Sejal Kumar

I know this is her second video on this list but yeah she is my favorite Youtuber and one of those who I have religiously followed. Sejal talks about how small things in life helps us to smile and lead a happy and fulfilling life.

My Secret To Success | Lily Singh |Superwoman

If we talk about youtube, how can we forget about Lilly Singh our amazing superwoman? But the best part is we can view her videos, this one of realistic representation of life when we almost want to give up but then we don’t we really make it.

Hope you like this compilation and do comment below which is your favourite video to watch to get the much needed perspective.

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