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A Girl And A Boy Can Be Friends: Really?

A Girl And A Boy Can Be Friends: Really?

Let’s be honest before reading and think what do we actually feel about, ‘A Girl and A Boy being friend’ .Responses like they soon will be hitched are also accepted

The story…

One fine morning I got up, tied my hair and begin my day with the very healthy habit of scrolling Instagram. And there I found the trailer “Victoria & Abdul” depicting the intriguing friendship which world was not able to understand. All this made me more wonder about my friendships in due course of life.

A friendship between a girl and a boy is still not at all acceptable specifically in Indian Society. However, I always felt more secure with the male companionship rather than female companionship. This comfort level with male made my life terrible along the way.

When I was in school and college, I remember being associated with the guy friends of mine as a love interest because I was more caring and concerned about them. But isn’t this the crux of friendship?

As I saw the trailer, I realized sometimes people are jealous of is seeing the two friends grow together. To grow together and help each other to succeed, is not at all acceptable by many. As I progressed with the trailer, the more I realize that even now in this 21st century how people often tag true friendship as a love interest because you befriended someone who is totally exotic to your world.

PS : Here the trailer of the upcoming movie about the friendship of Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim

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