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About Us

Wanderer’s Perspective is all about discovering the joy of life in new things, small things, experiences, meeting people, sharing highs and lows of life and saying “I will be there for you”.

Wanderer’s Perspective is my journey of getting inspired and by large inspiring you out there. And now we have a team of like-minded individuals who are there to help you widen your perspective 😉

Our Team


Meet Prachi Sharma

When not writing or reading she is often found daydreaming and smiling by herself. Always up for a cup of coffee,  and discussion about her cupboard full of half reads. Foodie, Makeup and Skincare Junkie with awesome series and movies recommendations

She is a wanderer with a little perspective 

Meet Prasu Jain

The silent boy who finds happiness in writing is also very fond of travel, food, and music. I love to do everything under the sun which helps me gain newer perspectives. A sucker for great conversations, I find inspiration in other people’s life stories. 

Meet Priya Phutela

Hey cuties!
I am Priya and I am doing what I love.I am a full time human being and part time devil. And this devil still not wears Prada!I am a fashion designer and trend curator and people love to see me drunk- dancing.I welcome y’all to this platform where you and I will interact on very common & not so common topics of our lives and I will be your fashion ninja ready for everyday rescue with tonnes of ideas curated for your weak nerve from outfit ideas, styling tips & tricks ,confident dressing, look books and lot more to make your personality refined by your style.Stay connected! Stay Stylish!Xoxo

You are welcome to read our views and share your perspective. Become an explorer, discoverer, and wanderer. Let’s discover the ‘New You’ together.

Hope Wanderer’s Perspective can be your friend in need, a guide and go to for all you life problems.

We publish new post every week 😉

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