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All you need to know about being creative genius!

All you need to know about being creative genius!

If you have clicked this title I am assuming you fall under that category of people who want to be creative but don’t know what to do or how to find the passion or the stay creative soul. Don’t worry, I really hope this post will solve your major creativity woes.

So a while ago on fine Monday evening, I visited the bookstore, my usual habit and my idea of traveling world. So eventually this purple, pink, yellow book cover caught my attention, I have to admit that I am the one who judge a book by its cover. Little did I know, that this book will change my perspective towards creative souls and creative genius and their craft.


So a major issue with me is I am a seeker and want to experience almost each and everything just for the sake of it. So the problem that arises with this is I have the attention span like a toddler hopping from one exciting project to another just like that my life goes around until now. But now, thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert, I have a road map to find my creativity and passion.

So without further ado let’s share some of the magic secrets to discover the passion and how to live life creatively, so spoilers alert is in order.

Creativity is nothing but a relationship between human being and mysteries of inspiration.

Your fear will always be triggered by your creativity because creativity asks you to enter into realms of uncertain outcome, and fear hates the uncertain outcome.





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Following your own path and doing things your way can  also be “Creative living”

You don’t need anyone’s permission to live a creative life.

Stop Complaining.





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If something comes your way, take that inspiration as an opportunity to find your Passion.

Trust that your work loves you as much as you love it.

 Don’t think your creative work as your “baby”.

Don’t let go of your courage the moment things stop being easy or rewarding.

Find something to do- anything, different sort of creative work altogether.

If you want to know more on how to fine-tune your art and stay creative despite all the odds, go ahead and purchase your copy of Big Magic here


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