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Atulya Kala, My Encounter With Another World!

Green and blue pattern on off white base, nice combination.

I looked at the table displaying something at Chabar. Something compelled me to go, this was my introduction to another world, Atulya Kala.

Like a keen child, I went near the stall where it was displayed, it was an amazing cloth bag with quirky. I was like a child on glee, I wanted to buy all articles but little did I know my perspective was going to change.

A new perspective…

“How much is this for ?” I asked.

The guy showed me his palm, literally talking to the hand; on which his name was written and about his profession, that he is an artist. He was really excited to showcase his art work.

Yes, he was deaf but certainly not dumb, which we generally refer to as “Deaf and Dumb”.

Atulya Kala

Before I could realize, I was talking with my hands. Yes, just like that. Language might have barrier but I guess emotions doesn’t.

The way we bonded and started conversing, there was something I didn’t feel that often. Even my friends joined and started appreciating the work of the artist. Then I got to know about the organization which works for these deaf people, Atulya Kala. The beautiful designs compelled me to buy one of the notebook, though I have tons of them.

That day though I ain’t did anything big but still I had this sense of contentment. It was a really different type of emotion that I never felt. Although​ if time allows me I want to visit the organization and take part in their initiatives. In other words, one of my date is booked what about you?

About Atulya Kala

Atulyakala is a lifestyle brand and a design house run by deaf artists which gives back. A large part of the proceeds from sales go towards the education of deaf and mute students at our training centre. Atulyakala aims to empower the 18 million deaf and mute people of India by providing employment, educating deaf students and spreading awareness about Indian Sign Language.

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