Echoes of Culture in the Corporate Environment

Echoes of Culture in the Corporate Environment

In this age of globalization where the world is a small village, viewing the corporate environment through the lens of culture is a distinct proposition. Echoes of Culture in the Corporate Environment is one of the journeys depicted above. The cultural identity is laid beautifully rather than stereotypical generalizations. The overview of the entire book lies in the differences in the work culture and the perception of each action by others.

Culture is manifested at different layers of depth

The author describes cultural identity with great precision yet apt detail. The book highlights the uniqueness of each region from the individualism of Americans to the politeness of Japanese, the architecture of Egyptians to the renaissance of Italians. One of the interesting entity throughout the book, for me personally was the value of time among various culture depicted by their punctuality.

No culture is right or wrong just different

After the vivid depiction of various cultures, the author talks about the major elements the incorporates the corporate environment.Then the limelight falls on the real world terms like personnel management, marketing strategies, negotiation, and contracts.

Some of the enlightening fact for me was the importance of networking and connections across various countries, the general stance to maintain, the importance of gestures and the type of relationship negotiations lead to in each culture.

“Echoes of culture in the corporate environment” talks about the influences of the culture of various countries across the globe on the work culture and the organizational setup. The major themes are punctuality, type of relationship various culture seeks in the professional setting.The crux of the book also lies in the fact that the organizational values are influenced by the cultural identity which in turns defines the company culture.

Book will appeal to anyone who is interested in knowing the importance of cultural identity, entails in the corporate environment and will be part of it soon.
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