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I am depressed !!

I am depressed !!

“Do you even know, I am depressed?” I told my father

“Depressed, kids these days  !! Small issues, you will say I am depressed. It is in fashion these days” he smirked

“No, dad I am serious, Why you don’t understand!!” I replied

“What Depression, Why Depression ” he shouted

And I started crying, ” I am sorry” I went to my bedroom.

Mom came to the room wiped my tears and gave me a nice tight hug. She being my confidant, asked me everything. I blabbered everything like baby. Words, Half sentences, Phrases. I explained her the weird deep sinking void feeling I felt.That night though I slept only for four hours,but it was the most peaceful sleep I had in months.

And the struggle…

From that day onward,  I started  talking my mom more often. I started improving everywhere, personal, social, co-circulars, academics. After two months, my dad came to me ; this was probably the first time I spoke to him after that incident.He came and asked me what has changed you are totally different person. I told him everything that night. He finally accepted the fact it’s something serious and it is quite possible for anyone to be depressed. I am glad I was able to change his perspective but it was struggle indeed.

Yes, this happened to me. I believe, many of you must have faced similar conversations. It’s sad truth of India, people  specially your family and friends are not ready to accept the fact that we, “The Youth” can be depressed.


But here is the thing,the worst part is for most of the time the one who is suffering from depression doesn’t even know what it is ? They are clueless, lost and lonely. I have been to that place and it sucks. There is lot of stigma attached to it. I don’t understand, what is the problem ? But with many personalities speaking up on this issue, the change is coming. Slowly and steadily.

All it needs is just one call from a good friend who can make you laugh. Support from your close ones. One tight hug to make you forget about this world. I know these are small things but it means the world to that person. If you know any friend, who has been acting quite reserve, or hiding things it’s time to talk things out  with her/him, a genuine talk if you really care about them.

If you are the one who is suffering, then try to keep positive perspective. I know it’s tough, but it is the right thing and everything right thing is tough to follow in life.So keep up. Try to cry, I am dead serious. Crying relieves a lot in situation like this. Try to take care of yourself. Be it taking long bath, wear you favorite tee, it can be anything that can remind you of happy place, time or moments !! Talking to any friend, who can trust one try to discuss about the low and sad you experience.It will help immensely.

I would be glad, if you could relate to this or help any close  friend/family member !! Let me know if you have any other tips/suggestions or even want to say anything about it !!

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