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An Author and A Publisher: In Conversation With Chetan Soni

An Author and A Publisher: In Conversation With Chetan Soni

Follow your passion; It will lead you to your purpose.

Oprah Winfrey

Not so long ago, I got the opportunity by Vinfluencers to review, ‘Batman’s Guide To Life, Breaking Myths Since 1994’. Maybe it was my lucky day that I got to review this not so conventional book, and also interview the author. So here is the story of Mr. Chetan Soni, who is not only an author but also a founder of the publishing house, ‘Half Baked Beans’.

Let’s learn about his journey about how he went from the conventional safe career choice to paved his own path and followed his passion.

1. From corporate job to becoming the founder of Half Baked Beans. How was your journey?

The journey has been exciting, enterprising and somewhat fulfilling. I worked for a year in three startups. So there was always an inclination towards doing something of my own.

2. I read in an article it all began with the writing workshop. What stuck from that workshop that you had to start this venture?

HBB’s first ever workshop has been incidentally the most successful one until now. There were 30 participants for a 2-day workshop. HBB was started with a vision to provide a platform for indie and established authors. We realized that there was a major gap between authors and publishers and the feedback we received during the workshop made our resolve stronger.

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Chetan Soni

3. Given your profile, it’s hard to believe that your expertise is restricted to just one field. What are your views on the jack of all trades and master of none? What is required more in this generation?

Well, I believe in the phrase “Jack of all trades and master of none.” I don’t think I have expertise in any field for that matter. So it becomes important for me to be Jack of all trades. The current generation is living in a very interesting time frame which allows them to pursue activities of their choice. One just needs to be observant to gather information.

4. I learnt that your family was supportive since the inception of Half Baked Beans. But not most of us are lucky to have parents and family who are supportive, how to deal with them to pursue your passion?

Well , in the end they are your parents. They will obviously have concerns as any parent would be. Logic and facts go a long way in explaining anything to your parents. During their time there was lack of information and less options. In today’s time children want to do stuff which their parents have not even heard of.It becomes important that we explain to our parents factually how things are changing. For first 3 years my parents had no idea what I did for a living but now my mother takes interest in HBB more than I do.

5. How did you keep your spark alive in the rut of corporate life?

I think I did not have much option. Sometimes one does not know what they want to do in life but they know what not to do. I fall under the second category. I am still figuring out what is my real calling but then I am aware of things I would not like to do presently. Life becomes easy if one is aware.

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Get your copy here: Batman’s Guide to Life

6. Why and How ‘Batman’s Guide to Life’ happened?

I keep on writing quotes and anecdotes about the observations I have about people, life , things in general. One day my colleague Richa suggested to compile them in a form of a book. And Voila, I became an author. Though the book does not fall under traditional category of books but I have been told it’s an interesting read and I am glad to find people who resonate with my thoughts.

7. In your book, you mentioned ‘The key to the good life is knowing less’. Any one instance in your life that made you believe it?

In this age of content too much information can lead to bad results. As the saying goes, “excess of anything and everything is bad.” The first instance which comes into my mind is after my first relationship ended I came to know about a lot of things which I was not aware of earlier. So if I would have known less maybe I would have acted differently. Getting a lot of information and being aware are two very different things separated by a fine line.

8. I saw in a video compilation by HBB, that you shy from the limelight. Any special reason.

Haha, nothing like that. You have done good research and it shows in the questions. I feel a connection with people who stay behind the camera and keep on doing their work. Also I feel I have not achieved anything to be shown off. Maybe when the time is right and the tide is low I would not keep shy from the limelight.

9. A message for all those young adults who are trying to pursue their passion.

“If you want to be in the business of passion then you should learn the art of economics too.”

An Author and A Publisher_In Conversation With Chetan Soni(1)
Half Baked Beans

About Half Baked Beans:

Half Baked Beans Publishing Co. provide the best of books and at the same time serve as a perfect platform for all the budding writers. From 60 Minutes Metro books to full-fledged novels, HBB publishes them all. A launch pad that would take you miles.

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