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In conversation with Chiconomical Stylist

In conversation with Chiconomical Stylist

I don’t have anything to wear !!!!

Line that every girl has spoken…

But don’t worry, I got you covered this blog’s in conversation personality, today we have Chiconomical Stylist, who is here to provide you tips and tricks how her style is so edgy and yet so chic.

Last holiday season I got the opportunity to contact Quirky Engineer aka Renu, to tell us more about her life, passion for styling and blog with a 9-5 job.

How are you doing this holiday season?

I’m doing great! There’s a whole lot of pasta and presents involved thanks to it being the season of festivals as well several birthdays in the family. Its essentially been a week of complete madness and endless supplies of food! I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday as well!  

Tell us a bit about yourself and the journey so far… 

 Ohh, this is a question that I never know how to answer and it always gives me sweaty palms (cue the awkward face during interviews). I’m just a regular girl who shares her outfits with the world and wears them again shamelessly! The first time somebody reached out to me I was extremely shocked that anybody out there was reading what I was writing. It’s been a ride I started to document my style journey that has given me a chance to speak to the most amazing people across the globe! 

How did your blog start?

My blog started as a place to share everything that made me happy. There was a guy I knew who would always be shocked by the prices I paid for the clothes I wore and he was one of the main reasons I started documenting the styling and the prices of what I wore on an everyday basis. I didn’t even know what a blogger was and how insane the world of ‘fashion blogging’ was for the longest time even after I started writing. Honestly, it still shocks me sometimes! 

In conversation with Chiconomical Stylist
In conversation with Chiconomical Stylist

Did you always have styling instinct or it was just one particular moment that hit hard and, that was the birth of Chiconomical?

I actually still don’t think I have any styling instinct! However, if I do think back to why this started, I wanted to show people that looking good didn’t need to come at a high price. This was something I googled a lot and I never found someone who spoke much about it, so that’s how Chiconomical was born. Just my way of creating something that can tell you that you can be chic but economical at the same time! 

What are the challenges you face with your fulltime job and blogging life?

Content Creation and Connection! Honestly, I don’t get nearly enough time to create all the content that I’d like to. Blogging is hard, especially today when reading is fast becoming a dying habit and you’re competing with several full-time bloggers who can create for a living. I wish I had all the time to reply to people’s comments and have conversations on social media but sometimes with a 9-9 (yes, that’s the more realistic timeline of a corporate job), you simply cannot do everything that you want to at times.  

What is your content creation process look like, is it lots of reading and keeping up with trends or mostly based on your instinct?

I’d like to say I research everything but I don’t! I’m very instinctive when it comes to my content. There have been times that I’ve planned an outfit in advance but completely flipped it when I actually shot the look. In my opinion, style is unique to every individual and sometimes, ‘trends’ can lure you into something that you probably will only shoot for the blog and never try again. I try to be more conscious of the pieces I buy and recommend to my readers.  

Who is your favorite style icon?

Omg, now this is possibly the hardest question every blogger gets asked. My style icons are actually several regular people on social media. Can I tell you a secret? I usually get the most inspired when I see people on the streets. I’ve actually copied saree drape from a street seller at a traffic signal! I don’t think you need to be somebody well known or even on social media to be somebody’s style icon. The everyday woman is usually the best style icon!

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A printed wrap dress is such a versatile piece and can be a great choice for date night! This lookbook is essentially a quick layering guide and also my take on how you can create simple yet striking looks with a polka dot dress. I actually thrifted this dress from a secondhand store. It’s orignally from @veromoda probably worth a few $$ but I got it for about ₹500. . PS: If you enjoy his video, I would appreciate it if you could share this with your friends and as always, tell me about your favourite looks. . Look 1: A simple look where I added a belt from @hm alongwith long layered necklaces from @forever21_in and dainty gold rings and statement bracelets from @pipabella. Added my trusty heels and a @thelabellife bag to complete the look. . Look 2: Added a simple polka dot top and knotted it to give myself a bit of waist. The one I’m wearing is from @forever21_in. . Look 3: Nothing fancy, just wanted to add even more prints into the mix so added a simple animal print scarf. I think the bit of polka dot on it works beautifully with that on my dress. . Look 4: When in doubt, I wear red! A simple red blazer works beauitfully with a dress like this and makes it perfect for a lovely Valentines Date. My blazer is an old one from @hm. . Look 5: Finally, a bit more print mixing (because its fun!). I added a pleated skirt from @hm to create a simple yet striking look. It reminds me of something I saw on Zara a while back but it’s for sure cheaper! . . . #styleremix #ootdindia #repeatwear #irepeatclothes #stylingoverbuying #waystowear #30wears #10x10stylechallenge #rewearstyle #mumbaifashionblogger #mumbaistreetstyle #fashionrepeater #monochrome #datenight #mixingprints #polkadotdress #printonprint #chiconomical #wrapdress #repeatingclothingissustainable #slowdownfastfashion #slowdowncollective #sustainablestyle

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How do you manage your wardrobe? 

I don’t! It’s actually an ever-growing monster! In 2019 though, I’m trying to wear everything I own before I go buy a single new thing though. Let’s have another chat in a few months to check if I succeed in that goal. (*awkward laugh*) 9. Tell us your goto styling tips when you are in hurry. Wear a statement piece! I think if you wear the most boring outfit but add a statement piece like a necklace or a pretty scarf, you’ll be good. Another tip for when you can’t be bothered to figure pairings out, wear pieces in the same colour. Black is usually my fallback and an all black or all white outfit looks great on everyone!  

Any tips to someone starting out in Blogging?

Well I’d say being yourself is the most important thing. While it’s tempting to follow what other bloggers are doing, just remember you’re not that person and you need to do you. The beauty of blogging is that you get to be unapologetic about being yourself. The second thing is, be social! It’s okay to reach out to people and speak to them, you never know… a great friendship might just be a simple message or comment away! 

Your two favorite looks so far…

Girl, now this is the hardest thing for me. I truly love the looks I create and never post anything that I don’t love! Instead, I’ll share two of my latest blog posts if you don’t mind!!

Link: https://quirkyengineer.blogspot.com/2018/12/how-to-ways-to-wear-red-oversized-jumper.html


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