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Loneliness and Old Age

Loneliness and Old Age

What picture comes in your mind when you read the title ‘Loneliness and old Age’? Maybe an old couple feeling neglected, easier imagined then felt. I am not even kidding, here is a true incident of what I encountered in the summer of 2017.

I was sitting in Indian Coffee house, waiting for my friend…

“Hello dear if you don’t mind, can I sit here ?” An elderly with feeble built, winter white hair and coffee in his hand asked.

“Yes, sure sir” I replied.

I was astound of all the empty table, why he has asked me ?! Before I can think any further he spoke” If you don’t mind I want to ask you a question, don’t get me wrong though I am a senior person”

I quickly said “Yeah, sure sir. “

There was a strange silence for a while between us, then he mumbled “Is it bad to expect from you children?”

I was astonished why is he asking this? But nevertheless , I promptly repliedd ” No, not at all, but sir too much of everything bad. Expectations hurt mostly.”

And the turn of the events…

Then that lonely elderly person, told me his entire story how his son and daughter-in-law are not capable of spending time with him and how he feels so lonely. I listened all his sorrows and misery, about how alone he is after his wife’s demise.

He said” I felt better talking to you and sorry for wasting your time and mind me if I crossed the line”

I replied” Not at all uncle, you take care and be engaged in something or other”

Think. Re Read. What are we doing ? Are we really up for this , just think?

That was my encounter and my story…hope we all learn little bit from this!

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