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7 Lessons I learnt in 2017

7 Lessons I learnt in 2017

It is time to say goodbye to 2017 and to follow the trend to the lessons I learnt in 2017. *Just Kidding*

Lots of Nostalgia. And here is a confession on the way, I am a person of past who loves to live in memories. Well not exactly live but rather cherish and relish them forever.

And Boy I say 2017 was a roller-coaster ride for me. So I am kind of in the mood to go down the memory lane of 2017.

An Important Phase

I grew up a little, this year. One of the big achievement, I graduated as a Engineer. Then came a phase to quote Rachel from FRIENDS, “I need to get one of those job thingy“.

And a lot changed after that, new start, new beginnings and many endings. So, I met a lot of people in 2017. I am a firm believer that people come in life for two reasons, either they are a blessing or a lesson. So I learnt many lessons.*Smirks*

Lessons Learnt

So here are the 7 lessons I learnt in 2017

Learn to be self-aware, that will help you grow personally.

Advice from my mentor to me.

You are living magnet. You attract your dominant thoughts.

One of those Instagram motivation, that stays with you forever.

Doubt is useful, it keeps faith, a living thing!

A deep yet powerful lesson, from an eminent personality.

Push your limits.You will gain new experiences and new perspective.

I think so that was where Wanderer’s Perspective was in making. 🙂

To change the system, you need to be part of the system.

An advice I received from a dear colleague of mine. Thank you so much.

Don’t give up on anything. If you give up then who will bring the change, just ask?

Now this comes from one of my best friend, Nivedita. Her advice helped me make through the tough times

Struggler mentality might ruin your personal relationships. Since you are not up for anything that you get easily and you love to complicate things for no single reason.

This advice again comes from the same colleague of mine, who shall remained unnamed, because let’s say it out loud, ” We are Frenemies.”

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