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The Ultimate Guide To Live And Love Your Life To The Fullest.

The Ultimate Guide To Live And Love Your Life To The Fullest.

“Life is not always the bed of roses. Thorns help you to appreciate the flower. Hardship helps one appreciate the beauty of life ” – Cherlynn Shakespeare

Time and again I struggle with ways to keep myself motivated especially when things are not going the way I expected. Sometimes you just need to live rather than trying to hard to be happy. It is easier to make peace with circumstances.

So here is my compilation of some ways that might be useful during the weekdays and weekends to stay inspired, motivated and even just live & bravely survive the day.

During weekdays

Wake up 15 minutes before  your usual time

I know I have asked a lot at first, but you are not going to regret once you start. This habit will make you, feel like a champion at the start of the day. This habit has helped me to reduce stress significantly. Just 15 minutes ahead of the day, just your own, you can literally do anything you want except sleeping back 😉 !!

Sip in healthy drinks

It can be anything you are longing to introduce in your routine be it water, smoothie, probiotic drink, green tea, herbal tea, and the list goes on. This will not only help you calm down but also make you feel great. How? Well, you are taking care of yourself for starters. I don’t think I need to brag more about this, try it and experience.

Tune in new beats 

Life is hard. To quote F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “Life sucks, but you are going to love it”. Music can help you turn your gloomy, sad day to better and decent one. I guess we all agree to this? If not, then let me tell you scientific studies have shown that music with bass helps you boost your self-confidence. So what are you waiting for go and listen to the songs that make you forget the world around you?

Take a break from social media

I can’t stress this enough. It is the leading cause of stress and anxiety in our lives. At this age, admit it or not we do feel jealous about how good his or her life is by looking at social media. At least I feel this way. It not only makes us feel less worthy but also ungrateful towards life, which we are supposed to cherish. Try to leave your phone for 15 minutes and focus on something else, a 15-minute detox is just a start and feel the difference.

Have a good night sleep

All you need is a beauty sleep. By decent I mean 6-8 hours per day, if you sleep above or below, start doing this immediately. Your body will be grateful to you and your mood swings & stress will be at bay. Adequate sleep will give a good start to your upcoming day.

During weekends

Go, old soul, take a long shower

Yeah, long shower !! It helps you to mull your thoughts along with the body. Relaxes you, soothes your body and keeps you in good mood. Take your damn time in the shower at least on weekends and enjoy the bath maybe with some good music.

Treat yourself

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Eyeing on that good pen or book or dress or lipstick, it can go on. The idea is you deserve it. You should gift yourself weekly gifts on how you are proud of the things you have accomplished so far. I don’t mean you splurge but happiness can be found in tiny gifts that are affordable, I think.

Feed your soul

Taking care of your body is not enough, take care of your soul too. Make your soul alive. If you love reading books just like I do, then read the book even if it is for just 15  minutes, if you love watching videos plug those earphones and watch them all, do whatever makes you feel more lively and happy. If you don’t know what makes you feel happier & alive, then keep trying different things you never know what will feed your soul.

Recharge yourself

Weekends are a good time to recharge the energy you need for the upcoming week. If you are an introvert, you can just binge-watch the series you want to see and if you are an extrovert, go attend the event, party or maybe hang out with a friend. If you are an ambivert just like me, just relax & figure out what your mood is up to and decide to do whatever you feel like.

Give  your creativity an outlet

I am serious about this one. It will not only help you add hues to your black and white life but also helps you to discover yourself. It can be singing, playing an instrument, drawing something, coloring something or cooking. You just need to dig your soul bit and you are good to go.

Hope these suggestions will help you to live and love your life as it has helped me. Comment below if you have some suggestions about living life.

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