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Why everyone should read “The Wonderling” ?  #CherishingChildhoodInnocence

Why everyone should read “The Wonderling” ? #CherishingChildhoodInnocence

The Wonderling is a beautiful story, weaved with intricate details and characters. Mira Bartok has created a fascinating world. The challenges and complexity of the protagonist can be understood and felt completely.

The book was the part of The December, The Big Book Box(To know more: The Big Book Box). Here comes a confession, I read this book because of the #bookstagramsundays challenge as The Big Book Box is about bookish goodies.Looking through the Instagram feed, I came across the challenge and thought why not be part of this reading challenge. Little did I know I would cherish reading this book my entire life. (You may also like: Legends over Generations)

So here is a sneak peek into the storyline of “The Wonderling” with a twist. I have described the entire plot with keywords.Hope you Enjoy!

Imaginative world. Number thirteen. Groundlings. Rules. Strict. Gloomy Place. Friendship.Support. Love. Care. Blue Blanket.Hope. Destiny and Purpose. Identity. Escape. Struggle. Lost. Stealing. SongCatcher. Making new friends. Reunion. Music. Poem. Good against Evil. Finding Home.


Though there are lots of characters, as the story goes, here are my favorite characters along with there quality :

  • Arthur: Protagonist. Quite. Charming.  Sweet
  • Miss Carbunkle: Controlling.Strict.Vile. Cruel. Mean. Fake.
  • Trinket: Bubbly. Chirpy. Helping nature. Vivacious. Intelligent.
  • Quintus: Cool. Helping Nature. Sharp. Witty. Charming.

PS: Must read for chilled, relaxed. light, smooth read, plus book has an awesome cover page along with the sketches and illustrations. Thank you for still reading this kind of review, despite the non-conventional style of writing.

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