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Time Of The Month

“It time of the month” she replied.

“Hello, how much time will it take to deliver tampons,dark chocolates and chamomile tea” husband said

“Sir, it will be delivered within 30 minutes” said store manager.

“Alright” husband kept the phone

All this arrangement because it was their “Time of the month”!

Well, many people would agree to the fact that it is a biological phenomenon that is linked to reproduction or fertility of the female counterpart. Past few years have experienced a lot of change in the society in terms of menstruation. But the main thing lies in terms of mindset,this notion attached to the menstrual cycle as “impure”, is somewhere baseless.

In my opinion, the patriarchy is somehow responsible for taboos that is projected with women. If we seek change it has to come, from male counterpart first, if they will not accept it how you expect female to come and tell them about the pain and problem they face.

(This post is in collaboration with Youthspower)

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