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True Happiness  #ReflectMore

True Happiness #ReflectMore

“Am I happy ? ” looking at the mirror I asked.

I knew the answer all along, well I needed to accept that in soliloquy. Speak it out loud. So I answered ” Something is missing, something I don’t know”

As far as I knew, I had everything what I once longed for, financial independence, emotional independence to begin. Then, why this void of unhappiness was surrounding me? I pondered. Strange, but true. Clueless,I searched my happiness.  Read books, watched TED talks and other videos, talked to friends and teachers.

Days passed, months passed. I was lost !

One fine day, I stepped in park , bit early then usual. Teens or young adult as we say, were playing football. Elderly, some walking, some sitting at park benches while others were talking. I sat on the swing, among all this hustle. That quest to find answer to the question was active in subconsciousness.While I was sitting in the swing, I saw one young kid who fall down, got bit hurt and his eyes still glistening with smile instead of tears. Before I could realize, I got my answer.

I went down memory lane. I recalled, the feeling when I woke up early in morning to run/walk, the excitement of starting a new book, the calmness I experienced during long weekend baths or the adrenaline rush while singing in the shower or the confidence sparking in my eyes because the dress I bought is perfect fit.

The answer was, true and lasting happiness can be found in experiences, moments and memories. Well, to be honest I had read that several times, but to experience it own your own was not less than a revelation, as in I found holy grail. But  one problem arose.

We often find solace in materialistic things, don’t we ?

Well,I do. It would be totally not me, if I say that buying new dress or earrings don’t give me happiness; for that matter buying books is my sweet indulgence. It gives me happiness, so I don’t totally detest the idea of finding happiness in materialistic things. To quote Carrie Bradshaw, “Shopping is my cardio” at times, to buy new things is my guilty pleasure and no doubt someone rightly said,

The best things in life are for free. The second best are expensive.

So , what is true happiness for me ? Should I seek all non materialistic things and only gain experience or should I keep on indulging myself in guilty pleasures and buy new stuff ? Is there all black and white, and no gray?

After mulling all thoughts over and over.This is what I believe in,

True and lasting happiness can be found in experiences, moments and memories, which may be or may not be weaved around materialistic things. Who says experiences has to be non materialistic !

What does your true happiness means ? Let me know in the comments below.

PS : This blog is a part of #letitbleed writing challenge by Randomness Inked

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