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How To Get Rid Of Bad Mood ?

How To Get Rid Of Bad Mood ?

With our hectic routines and busy lifestyles. It is not a revelation we often have a bad mood, stressed a bit. Well, it happens to me quite often. I feel low or have a bad mood or stressed out for no good reason. It is that time you need to be our own cheerleader leader and help yourself. Well, after living alone I started following these ten tips to keep my mood happy and light and stress at bay.

So let’s begin now!

Talk to your family and friends

I know it is a bit of getting out of comfort zone, but trust me it works wonderfully. Be it a single text on WhatsApp or FaceBook or a call. Especially if your living alone try to call or contact at least two people per day because you are responsible for your own happiness after all.

Tune in a different beat

Yes, anything redundant can affect your mood. Try to find different songs, listen to them and then the type of energy they will produce in your body will help you to flip the mood instantly.You can make a different playlist for a different mood and voila you have the cure to you stressed mood!

Take a stroll

Get up and take a stroll in that nearby park or even in the streets of your locality. Walking helps in inducing positive mood substantially. When you walk suddenly that honking of horn and loud noise provide solace.

Eat something healthy

Feeling low? Let’s grab anything to eat because I am feeling low. This attitude needs to be changed. I have observed, your eating habits often lead to the type of thoughts you think. Eating healthy not helps you to stay fit in a low mood but often brighten up that face.

Drink something warm

The least effort to uplift your unhappy mood is drink something warm. Weird right? Let me draw a picture for you. You holding that warm cup (Not hot) of dark coffee/tea taking sips just you, your thoughts and comfy warm cup to hold.Doesn’t this sound magical? It feels great, this gives you a relaxed feeling irrespective of how shitty you feel.

Take a warm bath

If you are highly stressed, this one can’t fail you. Take some time, and get in the mood to relax. Remove your stress just like the dirt from your body. Relax your muscles, wipe every inch such as it will detoxify you. See it your self.

Light a candle

Just try to relive the old times, close all the lights and light a candle. You will find a new perspective in the light of the candle. You can relax your senses if you have a scented candle. Whatever your mood is, it is something basic to cheer up.

Read a book

Sometimes escaping the world of books is the better way to relax. It takes nothing much, just a book, relaxing music if you like and a comfortable place. It is not about reading a lot sometimes it is just about one page or two. They suffice to calm the torment of your mind and heart.

Take a nap

If nothing works, and you are too lazy or tired to do anything of that sort. Lie on your bed, and sleep. There is nothing a power nap can’t heal in this world. Don’t believe this try for yourself.

Binge Watch

Yes, my choice can vary from Harry Potter, Sherlock to Parks and Recreation. New thoughts, small laughs is all you needed and no better solution. Re-Runs are the best for this scenario. Just binge watch and enjoy your life!

Hope you like these and it will help you.

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