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Welcome 2018 !! #My8for2018

Welcome 2018 !! #My8for2018

Here comes 2018 !!

New beginnings. Ideas. Create the Magic. Be the magic. Head full of dreams.

Hello everyone, it’s been a week of 2018. Yeah it awesome, Delhi’s winter being icing on the top.Cliche as the may sound but yes I am bit excited. I was not quite excited about 2018 at New Year Eve, because the old soul in me was like it’s a human concept. Anyways, whatever happened in 2017, stayed in 2017. I have quite things, ideas and projects in my mind in 2017, which I was not able to do but I want to do. ( Also read :Seven Lessons I learnt from 2017 )

So, here are all the things which I want to pursue in 2018, along with how I am planning to pursue them (Also read : Creative living : Chapter 1 #MonthlyFavourites ) :

  • Bonjour,French : Yes, I  want to learn. Something about this language just intrigues me a lot, words, pronunciation, everything. I am big fan of watching French movies with English subtitles now its time to learn it and turn off those English subtitles. So, I have curated a list of Institutes that will suit me and saving for the same.


  • Go with a flow : Quite different but yes I need to learn it eventually. 2017 was all about learning to deal with change and how to accept things happening and deal with all this at once. I will try to maintain the balance. So I have tried to  pin positive quotes near my bed and room so that I can read that and create the zen I need.


  • Read more, Write more : Last year, I attended Terribly Tiny Tale workshop. Chintan Rupaerl  , one of the co founder of TTT said, to write effectively you need to feed yourself. Diet matters. It stayed with me. So, that’s why these two goals together. Yes, here is the deal I need to read at least two books per month this year. The more , the merrier.


  • Learn a new dance form : I am big fan of twerking to the beats. Though in school and college time I participated in one or other dance performance. But now I am no longer in touch so I am planning, to join any dance class which can be in weekdays in evening. Though I have to list out, which form and class but likely to be hip hop.


  • Become a Wanderer : Not exactly in true sense, but still. Being ambivert has it’s downside. So this year I will force myself to go out and experience the world out there. Be it  travelling to new palace or going out and attending events or getting perspective by volunteering, do that all. I have planned to visit Book Fair coming week, reader’s paradise no doubt and that’s how it begins. Further, stay tuned @wanderers_perspective to know what I am up-to.


  • Playing Ukulele : I do have Ukulele but all I know  is how to tune. Sad,isn’t it? So, in plan to take that baby out and practice is more often. Making more neural connections, than looking at my social media feed. Though, the only thing so far I have done in this regard is to literally place it in front. So, that I can see it and feel the urge to strum.


  • Self Love : For this,  the more I say or write will be less. I think I need to write a proper creative living chapter one this one. To start with, I have decided to take care of how I want to look. Don’t get me wrong, but I want to be more fit and healthy along with taking good care of skin (Because I am lazy AF). So, I will coming out shortly with the whole article likely in coming weeks about my self love routine from smiling more to painting your nails and even more.


  • Calling Friends and Family: This is the most tough one on the list. I like to be alone and on my on. So, it often happens when I am stressed, I am on my on with my depressing thoughts. It is unhealthy. So, I have decided I try to call my family or friends or at least try to answer their calls to begin.

Here is my compilation of #My8for2018 . Please comment below what are your plans for this year !!



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