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When a Criminal Talked About Women Safety

When a Criminal Talked About Women Safety

On a fine evening in May 2018, I was going home after work.

While I found my self amidst the normal chaos of convincing the auto-wallahs, I found this particular guy who caught my attention. Luckily he agreed to drop me at my destination.

Before he could start the auto, one guy asked him ” This isn’t the khaki color uniform, your dress?”. To which he proudly replied,” No, I have a white dress, I got it stitched specially for me”.Then within five minutes. I couldn’t resist but ask “Uncle why you got it made for yourself isn’t there any protocol or rule?” to which he replied sincerely that ” Yes there is a protocol for the auto drivers who have vehicles on the rent but not for the owners and I am a proud owner of this vehicle, therefore, no particular dress” to which he added ” Even in night times madam when you have to travel. I would assist you to take the auto of driver wearing white because he is the one who owns the vehicle and those who own have family to feed and will not do anything wrong in my opinion.”

“Madam I don’t have the hang of the mindset of these eve teasers, molesters or rapist. How could they be so inhumane” To which like any other person was agreeing about the poor health of women safety?

And the twist…

Before I could speak any further he said ” Mam,  I completed my matriculation in jail, I am not that educated but I won’t do this ever to anyone it’s inhumane and disgusting” I was a bit shocked and terrified at the same time.

He further added “I have served the sentence of seven years,  I assure you that I never committed a crime against women. I can’t even think of this, it’s so sad. Women Safety comes first”

When a Criminal Talked About Women Safety
When a Criminal Talked About Women Safety

And that revelation just explained one thing ” Its about the well-formed brain, not well-educated brain”

I asked him a few questions about his family “To which he said, to be honest, whatever I am is because of my wife. I touch her feet because to me she is my god. But I love picking small fights from her, she is 17 years younger to me but she is way more smart than me”

By the time he said this I reached my place and all I could say was “We really need more people like you in this world for women to feel safe.” and he smiled. I said bye and his persona remained with me.

If a criminal can talk about Women safety and voice his opinions, then what is stopping you from taking the first step?

Narrative is based on true story.

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