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Why did this happen again!

Why did this happen again!

(Why did this happen again! is an attempt to write a poem on which talks about closure but with the sweet memories of past)

The same bus, an old destination but a new route,

The nostalgia of place, maybe that moment just by remembering this lane,

Is it a sign of yearning for him

Why did this happen again!

That forlorn evening, so vivid in the memory

The laughs we shared, the glances we passed

The hands we held, The smirks we passed

All gone…

Now a memory of past, that lane, that place

And the bus passed but not the heart,

Why did this happen again!

I hope you like this attempt of mine. Do let me know what you feel about it in the comment section below. 🙂

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  1. In the midst of study reading your blog gives some peace to my mind, some relaxation to my Heart and a true feeling of Happiness.
    Keep writing.❤

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